Saints & Sinners Bingo

Saints & Sinners Bingo

Play bingo with other players and use powerups to complete the board
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There isn’t much need to explain what is “Saints & Sinners Bingo” game about, is it? In the beginning you are just a newcomer on the competitive bingo circuit. This is your chance to play your way across the country to the 35th Annual Bingo Championships. The Saints & Sinners are your opponents. Some are nice and some are nasty, but they all aim to get bingo before you do. You can collect special good luck charms and use them to give yourself a strategic edge over the competition.
You will be starting your tour at the East Schenectady Community Center. The evening Bingo game at this community center attracts players from all over the Greater Schenectady Metro Area. The pace is relaxed, and players tend to pay attention to socializing as much as they do to daubing their cards. In this first game your goal is to get Bingo twice to prove yourself here and get invited to Bingo Night at the Ohio Knights Meeting House in Columbus, OH. Your opponents here are Grandma Eunice and Elvira Closterman.
The routine of the game is pretty much the same than in a real life bingo. You can play with one card or two cards. The numbers are called in groups of three and you have a certain time to look up for those numbers in your card or cards and mark them. Take into account that if you miss to mark a number, that number won’t be called again and you won’t be getting bingo with the card in which you missed to mark the number, so pay attention! If you mark the numbers before the call time runs out, you can hit the “next call” button and speed up the game. If you do so, you get some extra points.
In the worst scenario, one of the opponents will get bingo before you do and you lose. In the best scenario, you’ll get bingo first and you win. It could occur that all calls are made and nobody gets bingo.
The charms commented before can be used to distract your opponents and make them lose a number they need. To get the charms you will be dealing with them and you will see your available charms on a side bar. When you want to use them, click on the charm you want and then click on the opponent you want to use it on.
When you enter the game, you’ll be asked to choose a player name. Once you’re done with that, you’ll be reaching the Main Menu, with the following options:
- Play Saints & Sinners: to start playing the game.
- Select Player: you can create several profiles to share your game with family and friends.
- Options: you can set the music volume, sound volume, and full screen.
- Credits and Exit game: no further explanation required.
You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version. If you prefer, you can try this game online without the need of downloading the installer to your computer. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 19.95 dollars, right from the Oberon Media Game Center, on the Web. There is a mobile version available as well.
About system requirements, here’s a list for you to check out:
• 500Mhz Pentium or better
• 64MB RAM
• Windows 2000/XP
• Direct X 5.0 or higher

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  • Easy to learn how to play the game with using the help
  • Affordable price
  • Very entertaining game


  • Only available in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported

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Linda Poe
It sounds like a good bingo. I will comment more after I have played Saint and Sinners bingo.

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